How to enroll as a member

Two forms must be completed to become a member. You may edit the forms numerous ways (online, downloaded or by hand after printing) but eventually you must print them for mailing. The instructions for each form follow the links for the forms.

Both completed forms should be mailed to:

500 E Plaza Drive – Suite 5
Carterville, IL 62918

Membership enrollment or dues questions should be directed to

Instructions for IEA/NEA Membership Enrollment Form:

  1. Fill in social security number, gender, birth date, name, address, phone numbers, and your SIU and personal e-mail addresses. E-mail is one of our primary means of contacting you with association information and bulletins.
  2. If desired, complete the “Ethnicity,” “Registered Voter,” and “Party Affiliation” sections. Leave blank
  3. Sign and date the membership form at the bottom left.

Instructions for SIU Payroll Deduction Authorization:

For your and your association’s convenience, SIU Payroll has agreed to deduct dues directly from 10 of your monthly paychecks ( Sept – June). You may also pay your dues as a direct payer with one check to the Association, rather than monthly payroll deduction. Either way, ALL must complete this form following the instructions below.

Payroll Deduction

You must receive 5 monthly payroll checks per semester (10 per year) in order to use this method.

  1. Check how often you are paid (biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly).
  2. After consulting the “Level Guide” (at bottom of form) check your appropriate level.
  3. Fill in your name, employee ID number, and address.
  4. Fill in the SIUC Department(s) or program(s) in which you are currently employed (ENGL, MATH, MGMT, OCAP, SRECP, WED, etc). If you teach for several programs or departments, you should include all of them.
  5. For “Effective Pay Period,” write “immediately.” It typically takes one or two paychecks for dues to start.
  6. Sign and date the form.

Direct Payers

If you will pay your dues by check rather than by payroll deduction, cross out “Payroll Deduction Authorization” in the title of this form and write “Direct Payment” above the title. Complete the form as instructed in steps 1 – 6 above. You should include your payment with this form. Checks should be made out to “SIUC NTT Faculty Association.”

Dues amounts

  • Level 1 – $3,500+ monthly gross – monthly dues $68.10
  • Level 2 – $2,400 – 3,499 monthly gross – monthly dues $38.75
  • Level 3 – less than $2,400 monthly – monthly dues $24.00
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