The committee met Wednesday with Dr. Dilalla and asked the questions that arose from our meeting at Pag’s and those that have been emailed to us.  Things are progressing.  We will continue to keep you informed as quickly as we can as the deadline of April 1st moves closer.  I have grouped the questions into several topics.  If you have questions about the process contact

Sandy Fark           Sandy-mac3@hotmail.com

Laura Halliday    halliday@siu.edu



All dossiers will be submitted via email.  If you feel some files might be too large, items won’t transmit well by this method, please reach out to us and we will help find a way to resolve this.  The email will be NTT-Promotion@siu.edu.  When your dossier is submitted you will receive notification saying they received it.  At the end of this process you will be notified by email as to the decision.


These are in the process of being finalized.  They are trying to make them consistent across the university and with the CBA.  Once approved they will be sent to the Deans.   The Dean of your college will email all NTT in their college with the standards.  It was also discussed about posting them on the provost’s website.  Once you receive this from your dean you put this in your dossier and if everything else is complete you can email it.



If you don’t have evaluations because they might not have been completed write a sentence or 2 stating this.  (e.g. Once I received continuing status my supervisor/chair/department did not complete an annual evaluation.)


If this is referenced in your criteria/standards you can place it in the section for Workload Summary.  If not mentioned in your standard you do not need this.


My analogy in talking to people is to view this as a job application.  This is your chance to sell yourself.  If there is a section that does not apply to you, write 1-2 sentences explaining how this does not apply to you or your job.  If in the sample CV provided in the template, there is something which does not fit you delete that section.  It is better to delete than leave it blank.  You do not need to use the sample.


The committee is not going to provide a form for peer review, at least for this first go around.  When asking someone to do a review they can do this in a narrative.  Suggestion is it would be someone who is familiar with your job description, evaluation, and can use their critical thinking skills to provide evidence of your excellence in teaching.  If using someone who has left the university this is considered an external review or additional materials.  If you are comfortable asking an AP to do your review that is ok.    If you are having difficulty finding someone to do a review talk to us.

As NTT we are all peers.  For programs though with a leadership flow chart, such as SRECP and Head Start, an assistant teacher cannot do a peer review for a lead teacher.  Coordinators can do lead and assistant, and so on, the higher you go up the chart.

I want to again say that both the admin and NTT are working very hard to make sure this goes smoothly.  We though are the guinea pigs and as things come up please ask us, let us know so we can work to get answers and guidance for everybody.

Have a good spring break


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